Caramel Body Serum


Need to seal in moisture and achieve a naturally radiant complexion? Try our Caramel Body Serum. Smoothens, glows and glistens the skin while keeping it moisturised. Perfect for normal and especially dry/cracked skin.

How it works:

  • Brightens- Vitamin B3 for cell regeneration
  • Moisture sealant- Jojoba oil to lock in moisture
  • Smoothens- Natural Snail + Argan oil for a smoothening effect.
  • Glows & Glistens- A shiny, non-greasy finish for that melanin glow.


  • Apply a thin layer onto skin and massage until absorbed. Layer over Caramel Body Milk  if used alongside. 


  • Vitamin B3, Almond oil, Snail + Argan oil.

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